'Cavendish Group Sigil', collaboration with Lucie Akerman & John Stephenson
Performance commissioned for Experimentica 13, Chapter, Cardiff, 2014
'Cavendish Group Message', video, 2013, commissioned by Ronnie Close & Liam Devlin for http://eitherand.org/
Cavendish Group Pinterest feed, compiled by Lucie Akerman for 'Cavendish Group Sigil' at Experimentica, 2014
'Cavendish Group Twitter Ritual' #cgmessage
'Cavendish Group Exit', a performance accompanying 'Cavendish Group Sigil #3', Enclave, London, 2014
'Cavendish Group Sigil #3', gouache on paper, 2014
Exhibited as part of 'How Does the Group Function?', Enclave, London
'Chelyabinsk Meteor & A Cavendish Group Sigil', video, 2014
'Cavendish Group Together Mask', video, 2015
A fictional banana cult created as a prism through which to explore ideas of collective authorship, the cultural commons of memes (in particular the one where people watch people watch people watching Andy Warhol eating a burger), occult ritual practices, body swapping, human-plant communion, death, cosmology, science fiction, and bananas.

This is currently in the process of being developed into a novel detailing the fictional group’s activity, provisionally titled, 'Bananas', obvs.
Performance as part of 'The Enemies', Hauser & Wirth, Somerset (2016), collaboration with Phil Owen
'Cavendish Foot Sapling', goache on paper (2016)
'Cavendish Foot Sapling Meteor', goache on paper (2015)
'Cavendish Hashtag Venereal Ghost Bamboo Root Anus Face', coloured pencil on paper (2015)
'Cavendish Death Root Proliferation Green Fog', watercolour on paper (2014)